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Gluten-Free Eco Craft Acrylic Paint

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Sydney’s masterpiece!

Art is always fun!

We use gluten-free EcoGreen Craft Acrylic Paint.

The owner has Celiac Disease and using all GF products in our home brings our family as a whole great peace of mind.

Gluten is not absorbed through the skin, but with little ones, the power of touch makes it more easily digestible.

Our family uses only gluten-free products in our home: from cleaning products to health and beauty to art supplies, not to mention food.

For more Celiac Disease and gluten-free information and lists, please check out my Celiac/GF page.

Much Love!

One Comment

  1. Hello, hello.
    I was just looking at Eco Green Crafts, but I couldn’t find information about the “natural” sources of pigment. I’m sure many of them are plant based, but do you know which pigments are not safe for vegans?

    Thanks for the help. 🙂

    P.S. Love Sydney’s piece.

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