A Gluten Free Vegan Mom Who Knows

A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows

A raw, grain-free, corn-free, soy-free, oil-free, celiac mama raising her two healthy celiac girls.


Teaching My Children that They Have Control Over Their Own Happiness Inspired by Pema Chodron
Today's weather reminds me of the day I picked my girls up from the supplemental school for homeschoolers, and Ainsley was sad as tears filled her eyes.
Have you ever slipped into a gluten-free vegan food rut? Here's what I'm doing to get out of my current food rut...
Do you ever get into a food rut while having a hard time to find your way out because most of the recipes you find contain ingredients that you cannot eat? Me too, especially af...
Chalk Paint Antique Chair with Dipped Leg
I sold my first completed painted piece of furniture that I upcycled with chalk paint! I do admit that I loved the final product and that it was hard to sell, but I know the buyer ...
Our Tradition: Choosing Local Organic Christmas Trees While Making Memories
Yesterday, we headed out to Homestead Nursery at Galloway to tag our trees (one balled, one cut) from our favorite local organic family-owned tree farm because it was a sunny mild ...
Celiac Disease: Neurological Symptoms after a Gluten Exposure
When researching Sydney's non-itchy, ever-lasting rash tonight to see if her rash may be connected to Celiac Disease, I came across this article: "What I want to know about Celiac ...
Vegan Thanksgiving Article, Trash Picked Treasures, Sydney's Unexplained Rash, Our Vow Renewal and My Return to Blogging
As you all know, I took 2013 off from blogging and from my computer; however, I have been sharing what I've been up to via Instagram.
Blue-Green Algae & Spirulina Potential Health Risks
  I tend to focus on the benefits of foods without asking if there are any health risks.
No Complaints, Only Love and Gratitude: Our Month of May Family Experiment
During the month of May, my family of four, my sister Anna, and my friends Lexie, Tracy, Jan, Amanda and Karen have all vowed to not complain for 31 days, but to instead focus...
Nickel Allergy: more research and lists of sources
"If you have nickel allergy, your body reacts to nickel and possibly to other metals, such as cobalt and palladium.
My Nickel Allergy Triggers My Eczema Flareups: Nickel in Food, Money, Cell Phones, Jewelry and More...
After I recovered from two parasites, and herniated disk pressing on my spinal cord and nerve, kidney pain/congestion and toxic beryllium levels (just to name a few of my 2012 heal...
Helping others reclaim their health one person at a time (a list of my favorite documentaries included)
Greg called me this afternoon from work to share his friend's gratitude to me for her reclaimed health. Last summer I lent her the documentaries below and she changed her diet.
Open Your Heart: Can Openers to Feed the Homeless -- cutting out hunger one can opener at a time.
During my orientation last week at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, I could not stop thinking about what I learned that day.
My Facebook Hiatus Changes My Perspective and My Course in Life Overall
Well, I was due to return to Facebook yesterday after my 40-day hiatus, and I have yet to return because without the app on my phone and my infrequent computer use, logging ont...
Surviving Once-In-A-Century Storms and A New Awakening: December 21, 2012
After the horrific and traumatizing Derecho storm this past 29 June 2012 and Superstorm Sandy on 29 October 2012 - exactly 4 months apart from one another, I have become more d...
Non-GMO Gluten-Free Vegan Waffles
As you know, I am committed to keeping GMOs out of my family's gluten-free diet.