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Operation Gratitude: Halloween Candy Buy Back Program


My girls love to go door-to-door in costume while visiting all of our neighbors, but what do we do with all of our candy?

I buy gluten-free safe candy from the Natural Candy Store (gluten-free candy that is manufactured in a gluten-free facility) or I make our own candy so they don’t go without sweet treats, and since the candy Ainsley and Sydney eat is not given out on Halloween, I created a different tradition combining several ideas along the way.

Here’s our tradition:

*The girls leave their baskets of candy on the counter for the Great Pumpkin.

*The Great Pumpkins leaves them something special. This year, he left them each a shirt and a floor puzzle!

*But it’s not that easy! The Great Pumpkin also left them an important task! 

After the Great Pumpkin boxed up the candy nicely, he left a note asking them to deliver the package to Operation Gratitude at our local Halloween Candy Buy Back Program drop-off location (he even provided them with an address). 

So tomorrow morning, we will deliver the package to our local participating dentist so that our deployed soldiers can enjoy a treat as our thank you to them for their tremendous bravery and dedication.

Visit HALLOWEEN CANDY BUY BACK to find a drop off station in your area! 

Most dentists give the kids a new toothbrush, so there is another added bonus. However, nothing beats the feeling of giving to others, especially to those who sacrifice their lives and well as time with their families to protect us and our country. We can never thank them enough!

Happy Halloween from my family to yours!

Much Love! 


01 November 2011:

The girls were THRILLED when they woke up and discovered all that the Great Pumpkin had done while they were asleep (Ainsley, however, was a little disappointed that she didn’t hear the Great Pumpkin last night, but she plans on being more prepared next year: “I will make sure to turn my sound machine off next year so I can hear his footsteps”).

Nevertheless, the girls were so excited that they convinced me to head out early this morning to deliver the box before Ainsley’s horseback riding lesson and before Sydney’s gymnastics practice, so we were dressed and out the door by 9:10 AM.  

First stop, Serenity Smile (our Halloween Candy Buy Back drop off location)!

When we went in drop off their candy, we were asked to come back on Thursday. Come back on Thursday??! Christina then proceeded to inform us that they are ‘buying back’ everyone’s candy for $1.00 per pound on Thursday during their Buy Back celebration. 

Since the girls were doing this for the Great Pumpkin as well as for our Troops overseas, they both agreed that they didn’t want money and left the box in Christina’s care for their official collection day. Their only request was to be able to keep the letter that the Great Pumpkin wrote to them. Done!

Both girls left with huge smiles stretched across their faces and with the Great Pumpkin’s note in hand as we proceeded on with our day. 

This is a definite high light in my year! 

Much Love!

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  1. I love this idea! Definitely going to remember for next year, thanks!!

  2. I Love your blog and I am so happy you are #1 now. I am #25! I found this post particularly inspiring.
    Good luck. I was so happy to see you went to #1 because the others weren’t that great. thanks for all the info.

  3. I am SO glad that you messaged me! I have been voting for you daily during this contest because when reading your blog, I discovered that our journeys are alike! I’ve even got my hubby voting for you too!
    I love your blog and your passion!
    Much Love! and GOOD LUCK!! You deserve to win!

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