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August 22, 2011
by admin

Day 3: A Daily Log by a High Raw Gluten-Free Vegan

Day 3: August 17, 2011

7:28 – BM: checking email – Laughing at Lexie’s comment on my Day 1 daily log post: “Holy Detail!”
7:32 – Climbed back into bed
7:50 – Rolled out of bed
7:52 – Brushed hair, brushed teeth, tongue scrapper, RMS make-up, weighed myself (111.8)
7:59 – Headed downstairs
8:00 to 8:09 Took trash out and then took our 1/2 full trash can to the curb
8:10 – Prepped Pukka tea with raw honey
8:11 – Drank 16 oz room temperature filtered water with lemon
8:12 to 8:28 – Packed up: food and beverages for our trip to the farmers market
8:29 – Took the girls upstairs to get dressed
8:39 – Back downstairs: finishing packing, putting my tea in a to-go cup

8:46 – Vitamins 
8:50 – Check on Greg’s progress putting the stroller together

9:00 – Loading the car
9:16 – Leaving for the farmers market

10:13 – Visiting the OCFD

10:21 – Speaking with two separate women regarding my high raw GF/V lifestyle (they approached me because I was wearing my Hail Merry shirt)
Lexie’s checking out the flowers

11:05 – Dropping Lexie off after our trip to the farmers market
11:07 – Unloading my goods

11:10 – Snacked on Not Nuts ‘Mountain Mambo’ 

11:13 – Ainsley added fresh organic raspberries and a peach to our snack time 

11:15 – Playing in the garage with the girls
11:35 – texting Hope and Kate while still playing/snacking while in the garage
11:43 – UPS Driver comments on our frequent deliveries and after I explain to him about all four of us having CD, he reveals that his close friend’s daughter was recently diagnosed.… Read more

August 18, 2011
by admin

Day 2: A High Raw Gluten-Free Vegan’s Daily Log

Day 2: August 16, 2011

Greg and I stay overnight at the Borgata. I went to bed at 1:03 AM…

6:58 – BM while checking my email on my iPhone (I miss my stool!)
7:02 – Washed hands, brushed hair and got dressed
7:10 – Brushed teeth, applied RMS un-coverup, applied tea tree oil to neck and shoulder to soothe pain, put hair in ponytail
7:14 – Packed
7:18 – Filled my Camelbak Groove with water 
7:20 – Elevator
7:23 – Loaded Prius and started to head home

7:41 – Home: said a quick hello to the girls and began putting everything away in the garage so that Christina, Lexie and I could workout
7:53 – Ate yesterday’s leftover porridge

8:01 – Lugged donations into the driveway for Big Brothers Big Sisters to pickup

8:10 – Ate a Raw Revolution bar: Apple Cinnamon
8:19 – Workout began

9:26 – Workout complete
9:38 – Finished chatting with Lexie
9:39 – Drinking a cup of Pukka tea with raw honey
9:56 – Made a Lab Corp appointment for Friday (a repeat on my iron levels)
10:00 – BM
10:05 – Loading the car to head back to Bonterra with Lauren and the girls
10:10 – Big Brothers Big Sisters arrive to pickup our donations

10:16 – Left or Bonterra Market
10:45 – Now at Genuardi’s
11:10 – Back Home
11:10 to 11:30 – Straightened up the garage
11:31 – Peed
11:32 – Putting groceries away while texting Annette and my sister Michelle (I bought her Desert Essence’s tea tree oil to hopefully help with her fracture/muscle swelling in her back).… Read more