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Vegan Thanksgiving Article, Trash Picked Treasures, Sydney’s Unexplained Rash, Our Vow Renewal and My Return to Blogging


As you all know, I took 2013 off from blogging and from my computer; however, I have been sharing what I’ve been up to via Instagram.

Nevertheless, two weeks ago and right before Greg, my girls and I headed to Orlando, FL, I was contacted by a reporter from my local newspaper to be interviewed for a meatless Thanksgiving article. I accepted and we were interviewed less than 24 hours before flying down to Orlando. While away, my husband learned that the article had been published and I loved the article while it warmed my heart that the vegan word is being spread throughout my area.

You can read the article here: “Talking no turkey: Plant-based diets challenging tradition”

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 9.39.03 AM

I also loved the timing of this article. Elisa, the reporter (she too is vegan!), contacted me to setup the interview and photo shoot days before our meeting, and in between our phone conversation and the interview with photo shoot, I saw my dentist for my six-month cleaning (no cavities!). Dr Harris (also in the article) decided to go vegan for health reasons after reading my blog. He asked for my website because he wanted to share my blog with his celiac patients because many of them were struggling with their GF diets that were ultimately causing damage to their teeth (I haven’t had a cavity since before I was diagnosed with CD). Nonetheless, before handing out my blog information, Dr. Harris checked it out firsthand and was inspired to make healthy changes.

Nevertheless, after my checkup, I told Dr. Harris about the article I was being interviewed for and asked him if I could give his information to Elisa. He was more than happy to take part in it as he gave me the go ahead. I love how Dr. Harris is a huge voice for veganism in my area!

I have to say that Dr. Harris is a prime example of how a whole-food vegan diet can transform one’s health. It has been two years since Dr. Harris has gone vegan and he looks amazing – he radiates health, exudes energy and looks at least 10 years younger (a huge difference from his energy level and not-so-healthy glow before going vegan).

As for our turkey this Thanksgiving, we adopted a turkey at the Farm Sanctuary in NY! You can adopt one too HERE!


From Trash to Treasures

As for the things that have been keeping me busy, I have been trash picking and yard sale shopping while transforming trash into treasures. The environmentalist in me LOVES turning trash into treasures, and many don’t even need much work! I am so grateful that I took my love for yard saling and trash picking to a new level and the income that I have been bringing in during this adventure has been surprising to say the least.

Here is a peek of this passion of mine…

trash picked furniture for a DIY furniture redo

Here is my favorite trash-picking find, and I even had to pull in front of the trash truck to ask the driver to leave the headboard as he was approaching the house because I did not have room for it in my minivan and had to come back for it. He was kind enough to leave it for me.


As Halloween approached, Sydney begged for spider web decorations to put on our bushes, but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase them (for environmental reasons of my own); however, two days after her request, I found a box of Halloween decorations on the curb including three bags of webs for our bushes (we used one bag this year leaving us with enough for the next two years).

Trash picked Halloween decorations, beach chairs and cart


I have also been lucky enough to trash pick supplies for reupholstering furniture as well as supplies for my other DIY projects.

After digging deeper than I've ever dug before after I was given a good tip from a friend, I scored beautiful fabric curbside for many projects.

After digging deeper than I’ve ever dug before after I was given a good tip from a friend, I scored beautiful fabric curbside for many projects.

More trash picking finds…

I've been waiting to find wooden drawers for months!

I’ve been waiting to find wooden drawers for months!


DIY Projects

In addition to trash picking, I also go to yard sales and estate sales 2-4 mornings a week depending on what is going on in my area. Here is a mirror that I bought in a yard sale and refinished for my mother-in-law.

DIY furniture redo: chalk paint mirror


I also bought this table at a yard sale for $1.00, cleaned it, sanded it and then refinished it.

DIY furniture redo: chalk paint table


DIY furniture redo: chalk paint table

My girls and I find great joy in hunting for treasures whether in the curbside trash, at a yard sale or even at one of our favorite non-profit thrift stores! My girls hunt with me, use power tools with me, paint with me, save the planet with me…

Furniture redo

I’m bringing Ainsley a snack as she sands the chair we’ve rescued from the trash so that we can refinish it so that it can accompany her newly refinished desk in her room.

Here is Ainsley’s finished desk and chair. We used non-toxic chalk paint finished with a wax finish.

DIY furniture redo: chalk paint desk and chair

I scored the desk at a yard sale and the chair from the trash.

We then repainted the mirror I bought for $5.00 at a yard sale to complete this corner of her room.

DIY furniture redo: chalk paint desk, chair and mirror

Ainsley is enjoying the fruits of our labor! (I also bought her quilt at a yard sale and got her rug for free on Freecycle.)


Sydney’s Current Health Issue

Even though 2013 has been a great year of bounding and enjoying each moment, we’ve still had many obstacles too, but we are grateful for those obstacles too.

The current obstacle that we are dealing with is the non-itching, head-to-toe rash that appeared on my 5-year-old daughter on 24 September 2013 and has remained present and a mystery since that day. Sydney has had her 3rd consult less than 24 hours after our return from Disney this week, and we finally have hope that her allergist has us on the right path as he is confident that we will discover the source of her rash and her other symptoms.

As I strongly believe, the obstacle is the path, and our family has made even more healthy changes in our home and in our diet since the appearance of Sydney’s rash as we are working hard to find and eliminate the source of her symptoms.

allergic rash - 2 months and counting


On a happier note, Greg, my girls and I had such an amazing time when Greg and I renewed our vows (we renew our vows everything Greg loses his wedding band in the Atlantic Ocean) this past July. We also hosted a beautiful gathering back at our home after the ceremony (my mother-in-law helped me make all the food – I’ll be sharing those recipes too).

My father-in-law walked me down the aisle since my father passed away 8 1/2 years ago from brain cancer, and the loving and hysterically funny Father Art, my mother-in-law’s cousin, came into town to perform the ceremony. It was a magical and love-filled day! I’ll be sure to share more about the day when I share the recipes and DIY projects I completed to create a wedding on a budget.

Wedding and vow renewals

The picture at the top left is of me and Greg during our trip to VT this past June.


Stepping away from blogging impacted me and my family in so many special ways! Instead of me typing away on the computer, my girls and I have been exploring our community together while finding ways to be creative with items we’ve rescued from the curb while making our home even more beautiful with our precious creations.

Many ask if I plan on returning to my blog. Yes, I do plan on returning, but my focus is going to be much broader. My blog won’t solely focus on Celiac Disease and GF vegan foods. It will focus on all that enhances my gluten-free vegan life as I try my hardest to create a more sustainable life for the overall well-being of my passionate young girls.

  • I am going to focus on constructing a budget: In 2013 while taking a break from blogging, I decided to track every penny earned, spent, saved, owed… while decreasing our monthly expenses on material things and while focusing on experiences, and even after many unexpected large expenses this year, this will be the first year that our expenses won’t exceed our net income. I’ve decreased the amount we spend on food 2/3 to 1/2 of what we were spending last year while not changing the healthy food we eat (I price compare like a champ without changing our healthy standards).
  • Skills that help me live a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Steps I am taking to achieve my dreams…
  • Recipes: Syd’s rash motivated me to decrease my girls’ processed food consumption even more, so more recipes will be coming!
  • DIY projects and trash picking treasures: we are having too much fun with this not to share.
  • Ways we are embracing life while cleaning up planet Earth all while living a 100% gluten-free lifestyle.


I hope that you have been enjoying 2013, and I look forward to reconnecting upon my return soon! In the meantime, feel free to follow me via Instagram HERE.

Much Love! Priscilla


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  2. Im so excited to hear you will be blogging again soon! I just wanted to tell you I randomly stumbled upon your blog about 2 years ago (I think I was googling about juicers?!) and I ended up reading every single post in one sitting. I wasn’t all that health conscious but after reading your blog you totally inspired me to change my life and become healthier! Your blog is what kick started my drive to become a better person in all ways! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for that, and looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  3. The rash looks similar to the one my grandson Brooks developed a few weeks old. At first the Dr thought sensitive skin like his Mother & brother. He was only breastfed. After it stated oozing the Dr said this is from the inside. My daughter Jennifer went on the elimination diet only eating vegetable and meat. After a month she started adding foods back in. Long process but he was allergic to the proteins in food and especially soy. She nursed for 13 months barely eating anything. His rash cleared up right away. She got very skinny. Good luck.

  4. Hi, Love your blog.. I haven’t been here in a while as I have a daughter with multiple food allergies and have been a little busy.. I did however spot the pictures of your child’s rash and I had to comment. My daughter is just overcoming a very similar rash. Her’s turned out to be pityriasis rosea. My pediatrician told me it was eczema, I knew better because her rash was not itchy at all! I did my research and took her to a Dermatologist and before I told him what I thought it was, he said it was pityriasis rose. Uncommom in someone her age (she’s 20 mos) Just wanted to give you an option of what it might be… I too thought her rash was food related as she severely rashes (eczema) due to gluten.

  5. I’ve had a similar rash for years. My doctor diagnosed it as a gluten sensitivity. I’ve been gluten free for four years and I still have it but now the only time I notice it getting redder is when I eat anything with corn in it, including cornstarch and corn syrup. I’ve tried organic corn and still have reactions to it, but not as noticeable.

  6. Very energetic post, I loved that bit. Will there be a
    part 2?

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