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Non-GMO Gluten-Free Vegan Waffles


As you know, I am committed to keeping GMOs out of my family’s gluten-free diet. With that said, I have finally resorted to making almost all of their food, and even though I am grain free, my husband and my girls are not. Nevertheless, I have had tremendous success with modifying Babycakes NYC‘s recipes, Welcoming Kitchen‘s recipes as well as many others to suit our dietary needs and my standard of health expectations (I prefer to use coconut oil, almond meal flour, flax or hemp milk, etc.), and I have been uber successful with modifying recipes to my family’s tremendous delight.

Nature’s Path’s products are Non-GMO Project certified.

However, even though I now keep our freezer stocked with backed goods made with love and without GMOs, my husband still keeps a lookout for prepackaged healthy options, and yesterday, he came home with two boxes of Nature’s Path’s non-GMO, organic waffles.

However, like Vans Foods’ gluten-free waffles, Nature’sPath waffles contain soy.

However, unlike Vans Foods’ waffles, Nature’s Path uses non-GMO organic soy ingredients and their gluten-free products are Non-GMO Project verified.

Do I know for certain if Vans Foods uses GMO soy? No because they won’t fess up and because I haven’t had their GF products non-GMO verified, so in all honesty, I do not have concrete proof that Vans GF product do in fact contain GMO ingredients.

After emailing Vans Foods three times regarding their use of GMO ingredients, they evaded my question the first two times and completely ignored my most recent and final email as seen below.


Here is my GMO correspondence with Vans Foods:

Priscilla Matuson: “Does your company use GMO ingredients in any of your products?” (Email: October 2012)

Vans Foods: “Thank you for your inquiry. Van’s has proudly baked great tasting, nutritious frozen breakfast foods for more than 20 years. We take great pride in offering health-conscious consumers a wide range of choices including such favorites as our Gluten Free, 8 Whole Grains and Organic waffles.

“We seek to use minimally processed ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen. Van’s products contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and have no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats.  Our three Organic waffles (Totally Natural, Blueberry and Flax) are certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.  We care about this issue and we are actively working on certifying additional items with the Non-GMO Project in 2013.

“In addition, our gluten free waffles, pancakes and French toast sticks are certified gluten free by the GFCO organization.

“As a small company with a passionate team committed to our mission, it’s our goal to earn your trust and loyalty by offering delicious foods that fully meet your health and nutrition needs. For more information on our entire line, please visit the products section of our website at http://www.vansfoods.com/The_Goods/#/all_products” (Email: 16 October 2012).

Priscilla Matuson: “Do your gluten-free waffles contain GMO ingredients? My family of four are all celiacs” (Email: 20 October 2012).

Vans Foods: “Currently, our three Organic waffles (Totally Natural, Blueberry and Flax) are certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.  We care about this issue and we are actively working on certifying additional items with the Non-GMO Project in 2013” (Email: 23 October 2012).

Priscilla Matuson: “Thank you but that still doesn’t answer my question. Do your gluten-free waffles currently contain GMO ingredients?” (Email: 24 October 2012)


Okay. I have officially given up and accepted the fact that Vans Foods’ non-reply and evasion of my multiple GMO inquiries speak louder than words.

Fortunately, my husband completely respects that I strongly disapprove of Vans GF waffles being consumed by either him or by our almost soy-free girls.

Even though Nature’s Path waffles contain organic soy, I am okay with our girls eating an occasional Nature’s Path waffle, especially if I need a day or two to restock our homemade gluten-, soy-, corn-, rice-free vegan donuts (modified Welcoming Kitchen recipe), muffins or waffles (modified Babycakes’ recipe) stock in our freezer.


Here are the ingredients in Nature’s Path Buckwheat Wildberry Waffles:


  1. I am looking for an actual GMO free recipe for pancake/waffle mix. Can you help me with this?

  2. dear caring mom and wife it is unfortunate that we have to dissect every little thing that we eat I recently read and found out about two little words that at least for me changes the game,(natural flavor),if you’ll notice on the ingredients list in the picture that you are showing online it says natural flavor =MSG.you can go online and research it but the FDA says if you put MSG in your foods that you can list it as a natural ingredients, because MSG is a natural ingredient.I think that’s pretty sad,I know that because I’m allergic to MSG and I have done a lot of research.and how do they get away with it it’s all in the wording.
    if you’ll notice on the Vans packaging on their waffles it says gluten free and non GMO which leads people to believe that there waffles, the whole waffle is non GMO, if you look at the wording it is the maple syrup that is non GMO not all the ingredients.
    would love to hear from you to know that you got this message I am a concerned grandmother I’m concerned about my grandchildren and their health growing up. Thank you so much for listening and thank you so much for caring.

  3. The emails from the company state several times that they are non gmo and contain no gmos. Not sure how that is evading your question, they plainly answer it.

    • They were replying in regards to their organic gluten waffles, not their non-organic GF waffles – the waffles that I was inquiring about; however, this is a mute point now because not too long ago their GF waffles also became non-gmo certified like their gluten waffles have been for several years.

  4. Van’s refuses to say whether any of their products are vegan. They are eager to tell you this or that product is free of certain specific animal ingredients (meat, seafood, dairy, egg, honey). They feature the list on their website. However, they absolutely will not tell you if they have any products free of ALL animal ingredients. I sent them a message to complain about this–and to add insult to injury, they replied with the exact same list I had complained to them about.

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