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Home, Family, Race and Today’s Presidential Election while Avoiding Labels


“Live peacefully by eating moderately, breathing deeply, drinking wisely,¬†getting plenty of sleep, living simply, and viewing every obstacle as the path to exceptional wisdom while expressing gratitude for all that you learn along the way.” ~Priscilla Matuson

This resonates so true for me and it is fitting that I read it this morning on election day (this is a small excerpt from a long passage):

“It is imperative to your present and future well-being that you look realistically at the world events and avoid the tendency to support – or get sucked into – anything that stands to take away your freedom or freedom of another. Your understanding of HOME and FAMILY has deepened, and your current circumstances are taking this a step further by demonstrating that this planet is your home, and that everyone on it is your family. Ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for yourself and your family is what this year has been about.”¬†~Christine DeLorey

I’ve always said that my religion is kindness and that I don’t belong to a political party because I examine each candidate and vote according to whom will provide the most good and least harm to my home (my town, my state, my country and our world/planet) and my family (us humans as a whole), and this year, I’ve also been saying that there is only one race, the human race.

From my experience, labels are disastrous and normally fuel hatred on some level (I’ve seen it all too much during this presidential election). I don’t even like the vegan label (but I use it on my blog and FB page for search reasons). I prefer being plant strong while living compassionately while exuding love and kindness to all (animals and humans alike).

Like everything else in my life, I am constantly learning, evolving and making decisions on the basis of what will provide me and my family with the healthiest and safest results as we continue to live compassionately.

My motivation is to protect all children from toxins and from GMOs while also living in accordance with nature while respecting our planet.

My journey this year has been filled with countless obstacles, but I’ve never felt more awake, aware, and conscious of the larger picture as I feel a greater connection with the Earth and with the entire human race.

I love you all!

Much Love!

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