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Will Jules Gluten Free Flour really switch to non-GMO corn?


Jules Gluten-Free Flour has yet to make an official announcement, but I am hoping that she decides to eliminate the use of GMO corn in her flour while also informing her consumers of her poor choice in judgement and her willingness to right the situation. Jules will gain my complete respect if/when she shows us that the health of her consumers is of utmost importance.  She has yet to publicly make any such announcement on either her Facebook page or her webpage.

During the time I was compiling my non-GMO flour list, an employee from Jules Gluten Free Flour contacted me regarding their offer for me and my bloggers: “her Thanksgiving ebook for FREE.”

I was excited but thought, “Wait! I haven’t contacted Jules regarding GMOs ingredients yet,” so before I committed, I asked, “Before I commit, is Jules GF flour organic and/or non-GMO?” The answer was no to both as appears on my GMO GF Flour List.

As we all know, organic gluten-free flour is hard to come by, so I could overlook Jules flour not being organic. What I cannot overlook is that her flour contains GMO corn.

I have been a huge activist against GMOs for many years, but after reading Robyn O’Brien’s The UNHEALTHY Truth this past summer and watching the new groundbreaking GMO documentary Genetic Roulette over a month ago, that passion has erupted into so much more.

I personally believe that GMOs are the primary trigger for autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies and many more conditions and illnesses. With that said, I was completely taken back when learning that Jules flour contain GMO corn, especially because I know that Jules is a huge advocate for the 1 in 133 celiac campaign and awareness and for the health of celiacs. If she is truly concerned about the health of those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, wouldn’t she want to protect her customers from GMOs including the GMO corn that is present in her flour?

When first going gluten-free, I bought Jules flour (the bag that appears in the picture above and that went out in last week’s trash), and luckily, I only used it once. I am grain free raw vegan, and I consume only organic fruits, veggies, (some) nuts and (some) seeds, but after watching Genetic Roulette a second time, I thought, “What about all of the people whom do not eat a grain-free, processed food-free, organic diet? What if Prop 37 doesn’t pass? There has to be something I can do other than share a sigh petitions, donate to Prop 37, etc.” That’s when I began contacting well know gluten-free companies because even though my husband used to believe and assert that GMOs in small amounts might not be harmful to one’s health, his position drastically changed after Genetic Roulette scared the s#%t out of him (and me).

Nevertheless, after I politely declined the promotion of Jules Thanksgiving ebook and after I published my GF non-GMO flour list, many of you also began contacting Jules too:

  • Deanna: “After your post about them the other day, I unsubscribed from their mailing list. When asked for the reason, I specifically mentioned the use of GMOs.”
  • Sandy: “I wrote her an email quoting your blog and asked her to respond. I guess this is her response! (an employee contacted me regarding Jules looking into non-GMO corn) Thanks for being out there and campaigning for all of us!!”

It saddens me that GMOs are present in so many gluten-free foods and that a small company like Jules Gluten Free Flour also contains GMOs as many celiacs unknowingly consume as well as feed their families and children GMOs daily. However, I believe that if we continue to work together, we can make a change!

Other Projects:
I am working on a non-GMO/GMO gluten-free foods list. The responses have been interesting to say the least and have me doing major digging and researching, but I will continue working on it to get it to you as soon as possible.


Much Love!


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  2. My pal Amy contacted Jules regarding the flour and corn and heard back this week that they are in the process of trying to find non-GMO cornstarch at the moment.  I hope they find it!!!

  3. Totally agree with you. Why is it that hard to switch to non-gmo flours? We avoid corn all together – it was initially because my son is allergic, but now my husband and I avoid it as well because most of it’s GM. We have found one organic popcorn company that we cherish, but other than that we’re a now a corn free family. Thankfully you have several other gluten free options and don’t have to use Jules since her product doesn’t adhere to your appropriately healthy standards (which I’m with you on 100%).
    Love the venting post. I’ve been known to write a few of those myself 🙂

  4. I am very happy to find this blog.Thanks for creating the page! Im positive that it will be very popular. It has good and valuable content which is very rare these days.

  5. Hi – I realize that this is an old post – but I just contacted Jules customerservice via email and got the response below. It’s odd that I am told that the all purpose flower is non-GMO, yet there is no information at all about GMO on her website. So, not sure if I believe this response.

    Thanks for contacting Jules Gluten Free.

    The corn products that we use are non-gmo.
    Jules flour is non-gmo.
    Some of Jules’ mixes have minor ingredients that are gmo but the majority of ingredients are non-gmo.


    • Thank you so much for sharing, Kathy!
      Jules said that she planned to switch to non-GMO ingredients come the new year (2013). I do admit that I am a bit disheartened to learn that not all ingredients are non-GMO.
      Thanks for sharing!
      Much Love!

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