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A Kangen Water Lifestyle


Guest Post by Laura Kay-Moretti

I used to think water was just water, kind of like air, we just don’t think much about it. I used to have a common store-bought filter on my kitchen faucet and then I would buy mostly bottled water to drink. I always thought spring water was better. I liked the thought of me drinking water fresh from this beautiful clear running spring in the mountains. I thought I was doing the best for my family because I knew the filter helped and surely bottled water is better than tap. Right? Boy was I wrong!

My husband informed me about this alkaline, antioxidant, micro-clustered water before he purchased our new filter, but I just didn’t really give it much thought. It did sound like very healthy water but it seemed expensive. I was actually skeptical at first, especially since I have been a police officer and a detective over the last 6 years. Even with my skepticism, I had to trust my husband because I know he researches everything, and he usually makes good informed decisions.

It was September of 2010 when he purchased our Kangen water system and brought it home. We hooked it up to our kitchen faucet. We proceed to pour a glass of water from this special talking machine, and…well…it tasted like water! Except it tasted clean, smooth, and it felt like silk going down my throat. I was not a big water drinker before, but now I am, and I know why–the water I was drinking before wasn’t the right kind of water. That day I had no idea this water was going to change my life.

Approximately one month later in October, I surprisingly found out I was pregnant with our second child. My first born was only 10 months old at the time. I jokingly said it was “the water” and that’s why I got pregnant! Just like my previous pregnancy, along came the constant nausea. When I drank a glass of Kangen water the nausea would go away. If I wasn’t drinking enough water, it would come back. I also experienced immediate relief from the heartburn and tons of energy. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t constipated anymore and pregnancy tends to bring on the constipation in most women. I have dealt with constipation since I was young and now I haven’t had any hints of constipation in almost 2 years.

Some of the biggest changes I saw were in my husband. He gave up “the dew,” Mountain Dew that is! He says he broke a 25 year addiction. He lost some extra weight very quickly, and he stopped complaining about that lower back pain he has always had. Both of our “brain fogs” went away too.

Our girls love the water. Our pets love the water too and will refuse to drink regular water. When my baby was born she rarely spit up and when she did it was a very minute amount. As we began to share the water with our family and friends they were having great results too.

Enagic is a 38 year old global company out of Japan that produces the Kangen water systems. They expanded into the USA in 2001 and the concept is relatively new to most American’s. The Kangen water system is deemed a medical device in several other countries. I strongly believe that the company is far superior and compares to no other.

USA is steadily dropping down on the health and longevity scale, and we are spending the most in healthcare or should I say “sick care”. Nevertheless, Japan has remained number one in health and longevity for decades.

Kangen water is in several medical facilities in Japan and in about one out of every four homes. Kangen water does not claim to treat, prevent or cure diseases nor ailments; however, the water does allow the body to heal itself, as it was created to do so, and brings homeostasis. Kangen water aids in bringing the body back into balance. The properties to Kangen water that make it so special is alkalined, antioxidant, and micro-clustered (Hexagonal water).

First is the micro-clustering which basically means the water is smaller. You can drink a lot of Kangen and not get that heavy bloated feeling. The water will actually absorb in your body at a cellular level and not just slosh around in your belly. This really helps to keep you hydrated.

The second property is the alkalinity. It is very important to keep your body alkaline which helps keep the sicknesses and diseases out of the body. The root cause of cancer was proven by Dr. Otto Warburg who received the Nobel Prize in 1931 for it. In his research, he determined that all cancer patients’ bodies are acidic and have lack oxygen. Healthy tissues are alkaline. No one has ever disproven him since. Lack of oxygen and acidity go hand-in-hand. The higher alkalinity on the pH (potential hydrogen) scale, the more oxygen it has.

Remember when I stated my baby rarely spit up? One study that analyzed data of more than 1 million babies found a sevenfold increase in the amount of acid reflux medication prescribed to infants between 1999 and 2004. It seems that babies are being prescribed medication for acid reflux when the reason they experience such symptoms is because their bodies are too acidic. This could be from acidic water for the formula or the mother’s breast milk may be acidic. Most bottled water is very acidic. Bottled water is not regulated by the government and some add synthetic minerals, ingredients, or electrolytes because the water has been stripped of all its natural minerals. I call it “dead” water. It is hard to keep the body alkaline through diet alone. Factors such as stress, air pollution, chemicals, toxins, and water can create a very acidic body.

The third property of Kangen water and one of the most important is the antioxidants. During the ionization process the water is split into the acidic and alkaline waters through electricity which creates a negative charge. Negatively charged ions in water are antioxidants that fight the free radicals in our body.

Have you ever had jet lag from flying in an airplane? When you get jet lag you are exposed to a lot of positive charged ions. Those positive ions are what makes you feel so terrible and exhausted. Free radicals are linked to multiple diseases including cancer and diabetes. Free radicals are strong oxidants; they are continually oxidizing or “rusting” our bodies, like an old car. Free radicals also prevent our vital nutrients from being absorbed. We can flush these free radicals out and in turn, will help keep our body healthy and vibrant.

The US Health and Human Services admitted that 90% of Americans have clogged colons. Your colon is home base for almost every disease in the body and almost all diseases come from this toxic cesspool in the colon. Dr. H. Shinya, who is the top 10 world-renowned physician and inventor of the colonoscopy, demonstrated this with his research. The alkalinity and the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of Kangen water helps balance acidosis and keeps the intestines and colon clean. Over 70% of disease comes from a dehydrated, acidic colon which hosts too many free radicals. The fact is that your intestines will not function properly without enough water. Drinking lots of Kangen water just makes total sense to help us fight these everyday battles.

Kangen water gets even better! In addition to this amazingly healthy drinking water (8.5 – 9.5pH) is the beauty water (6.0pH), strong Kangen (11.5pH) and the strong acidic (2.5pH) waters. With these waters you can virtually eliminate all chemicals out of your home and have a chemical free sanctuary. I personally use them just like a medicine cabinet for me and my family. I no longer buy things like bleach, degreasers, window cleaners, laundry detergent, hand sanitizers, mouthwash, facial toner, and the list goes on and on!

I wash all my fruits and vegetables with the 11.5. The 11.5 emulsifies the oils so I can wash those herbicide and pesticides off my fruits and vegetables!

According to a recent study, we now consume approximately 100 times more pesticides, chemicals, livestock hormones, preservatives, and carcinogens than just two generations ago.

We went to a local u-pick strawberry farm and picked two big bucketfuls of juicy strawberries. We asked the farmer if they used pesticides on them and he said only a little, so we came home and washed them in our 11.5 strong Kangen water.

We prefer organic foods but it doesn’t always happen, so I am thankful I can wash those toxins off our foods when I buy conventional.

Look at the water…this is what came off the strawberries…and that is not juice from my Omega!!! That discoloration came from the pesticides on my produce.  When trying this with regular tap water, the water remains clear.

I have even noticed the longevity of my perishables staying fresher longer compared from before.

I have become such a believer in my Kangen system that my husband and I have begun selling the systems ourselves. Needless to say, we now have restaurants, gyms, hotels, and many different types of businesses buying and using the Kangen water system to cook and clean within their facilities.

I love sharing my Kangen water with people. This water is simply amazing and can be used in every aspect of our daily lives. With something this special we can’t help but to share the good news!

I tell people that it is like fish in a fish tank. The fish will eat and poop and repeat the process. What will eventually happen to water? It will get very dirty and the fish will get sick and die. Do we give the fish a pill to treat the symptoms? Of course not! We change their water!

There is hope for people, and I believe everyone should have a Kangen water system in their home! We can really help the environment while boosting our health just by changing our water to “living” Kangen water.

The good Lord answered my family’s prayers when He opened a door of good health and opportunity for us with Kangen water! Have a happy blessed 9.5 Kangen Day!

Change your Water, Change your Health! ~Laura Kay-Moretti


Priscilla here! I would like to send Laura a huge thank you for sharing her story! During my water filter journey, Laura and I began talking (days after we had our carbon filter installed), and after asking Laura a bunch of questions, I decided to ask her to write a guest blog post so that we all could learn more from her experience.

Needless to say, while in Las Vegas and after a gluten exposure on day one, I headed to Whole Foods for some safe eats. While shopping, I stopped by WF’s huge book selection and one book kept jumping out at me, but I would walk away while telling myself that I know enough about the importance of alkalinity. Well, when I couldn’t find the book I was looking for, I grabbed Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, and headed along my way.

Well, while poolside waiting for Greg to finish up with work each day, I read page after page after page, and when Greg was finally by my side, I had him read passage after passage.

Long story short, much of what I have been experiencing, the foods I have been craving (all 7.0+ pH foods), the symptoms I have been experiencing, the test results that I have been receiving all made more sense as I continue my journey of not only alleviating my current symptoms, but of finding the source of those symptoms. 

But back to filters… Yes, Greg and I just bought a whole-house carbon filter to clean up our water supply in our home, especially to filter out the chloramine that the EPA has mandated our water company to switch to; however, the more I learn, the more I believe in an alkalizing water system as my water filtering journey continues.  

What are your thoughts? Experiences? Questions?

The more we share, the more we learn resulting in the better decisions and better health for us all.

Thanks again, Laura!

Much Love! ~Priscilla


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  1. G’Day! Glutenfreeveganmom,
    Neat Post, You might think the title of this article sounds a bit misleading, but you will understand in a moment why, “Soda can cause and cure kidney stones”! If you or a loved one suffers from kidney stones, be prepared to pay thousands for medication, surgery and visits ($5000-$9000+). Or you can naturally treat kidney stones at home with a simple step-by-step remedy that has worked for over a hundred years. And the best part is, you will pay about $10.00 (ten dollars) for all the natural remedy’s ingredients. But first, let me explain how serious kidney stones can be.

    • Thats right Linda, Kangen water can help prevent the kidney stones. We all know its about prevention!!! Kangen water will also help flush those kidney stones out and detox the body of toxins!

  2. Hi There Glutenfreeveganmom,
    Thanks you for your post, Water is something we often take for granted, but it’s something we absolutely cannot live without! As such, I believe it stands to reason that we should do what we can to “recycle” it and reclaim it when possible. Speaking of reclaiming, you might wonder how in the world you can do this. Well, it’s actually not that difficult. Perhaps your parents read you “survival” tips when you were younger, or maybe you own a handy little survival handbook yourself.

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  4. Hi Glutenfreeveganmom,
    This question may be a little off-topic, These days, petroleum is considered the most valuable and highly-competed commodity in the planet. We can come up with the conclusion that petroleum is considered to be the mother of industries and infrastructures or navigations. Crude oil helps human society survive in our contemporary standards. Back in the 19th Century, crude oil and petroleum does not appear to be demanding enough to be a commodity meant for practical use the way we regard it these days. Back in those days, travelling from town-to-town or city-to-city can be accomplished through beast-driven coaches. Long distance travels through railway transit requires steam engine. Perhaps an engineer in those days would trade five buckets of crude oil for one sack of coals.
    Great Job!

  5. There’s so much talk about ph balance in water. this is the selling point for hits Kangen water. What is the scientific facts? thank you

  6. I have a mom who has a child with celiac disease – what would you tell her about your experience with your children? Thanks Gidon

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