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Food Allergies and their impact on autism, asthma, ADHA and behavioral disorders


Before packing up for my third and final trip this month (Greg had to travel for business), I was searching my many book shelves and spotted Robyn O’Brien’s book The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Danger of America’s Food Supply–and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself, and thought, “I completely forgot that I bought this book!” So, I grabbed it and threw it into my purse and began reading it whenever I found a moment.

While on the plane heading to Las Vegas, this quote completely struck a cord within me:

[f]ood allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. They don’t just effect the kids that have them–they’re a warning sign from our kid’s immune system that something is wrong with our food supply. This toxic food supply has not only created an allergy epidemic, but also is linked to other types of health problems, such as asthma, autism, ADHD, and behavioral difficulties…a study in Great Britain discovered that many children with antisocial, disruptive, and/or criminal behaviors tested positive for food allergies. When the allergens were removed from their diets, their antisocial behavior declined significantly. (17)

When reading the above, I began wishing I that was back in the classroom (teaching 11th and 12th grade honors, academic, and special education English), so that I could pass this information along to my many students whom were struggling with autism, ADHD, emotional disorders, and schizophrenia to name a few. If given information regarding the potential cause, maybe with diet change, he/she could find huge relief while ending the vicious cycle of his/her body viewing a specific food protein as a poison while going into attack mode and ultimately attacking itself while causing ADHD, autism, asthma and behavioral disorder symptoms.

I know that we have talked many times on my Facebook page about the mental impact/symptoms that our children and/or ourselves experience after a gluten exposure (as with other allergies too), and how those horrid emotions (anxiety, depression, irritability, and even rage) are just a result of our bodies attacking itself after seeing a certain protein as poison. Since our immune system is confused, and in reality, that food protein is not a poison, but in fact, something done to our that food (and our food supply) is ultimately the cause for this confusion (all of the top eight allergens have been genetically modified by our government).

If you haven’t watched Robyn O’Brien’s Ted Talk, please take the 18 minutes to watch it now, and if we want more incredible information, please read her book The Unhealthy Truth.

I believe that we can get all of our kids throughout the world healthy again! There are so many kids that have a label slapped on them and a prescription is placed in their hands, when the cure may be simple – eliminating the culprit food.

Much Love! ~Priscilla


  1. Fantastic write up. I now wonder sometimes if my anger may be related to the foods I eat. Is time keep a food diary for myself and my 5 year old. We eat 90% gluten free ~ no formal diagnosis but I feel 10 times better. We avoid all food colorings, soy, corn, high fructose, use the dirty dozen list to buy organic & I cook mostly from scratch. We use organic & truly natural body products (I have an eco shop filled with earth based products). Still I wonder if its enough….gotta drop the mom guilt.

  2. I have found that I get angry after eating dairy. It seems so ironic b/c I *LOVED* dairy (ice cream, cheese, etc.). In giving up dairy & gluten (100%), I got rid of my headaches, “teenage acne”, 20 excess pounds, bloating, gas, and an after-eating stomachache that I had (for all my life) assumed was how one feels full. Plus my anger has greatly diminished. 🙂 Oh, and I tried the GF/CF diet b/c I heard it would get rid of my asthma. It did! I no longer need or use inhalers! I can now run up a hill and only feel “out of breath” which I’d never felt before (b/c I’d be having an asthma attack instead)!

    My son has Autism (and likely ADHD & ODD). Eliminating dairy got rid of his aggression & violence & irrational “thinking”. Eliminating gluten got rid of his temper tantrums. We then had a blood test done & got rid of some offenders, and he was less crabby. Then I did a form of an elimination diet… as well as an anti-yeast diet to fight his yeast overgrowth. I’ve found that he reacts to over 70 foods. As long as I keep those 70 foods out of his diet, he is a happy kid (which is shocking to imagine him happy, if you’d known him before the diet changes!). Yes, it’s a pain. But we’re reversing his autism, and he’s such a great kid now!!! 🙂

    Food is fuel. Good food (and the right food for your body) is vital.

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