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A raw, grain-free, corn-free, soy-free, oil-free, celiac mama raising her two healthy celiac girls.

Gluten-Free Alcohol


I do not drink hard alcohol, so I’m not going to contact each company verifying their gluten-free practices. Instead, I’m collecting data from trusted sources. However, proceed with caution and double check with each company before consuming.

When I consume alcohol, I enjoy wine or red wine. Wine is gluten-free.

Looking for a Vegan Wine list? If so, here’s my “Organic Vegan Wine” post.

I have received several emails questioning the fact that NOT all wine is gluten-free, and if you too are wondering if your wine has been exposed to gluten, read G-Free Foodie’s article, “Is Wine Gluten Free? The Answer from a Gluten Free Wine-Drinking Foodie.” I am confident with her explanations as I continue to sip my vegan wine (red wine is considered raw because it is fermented).


GLUEN: Do Not Drink

Wheat: Stolichnaya (blend), Grey Goose, Ketel One, Snow Queen, Van Gogh (blend), La Chance, Vox, Polar Ice, Absolute

Rye: Belvedere

Barley: Finlandia, Koskenkorva



GLUTEN-FREE: ‘Safe’ to Consume

Corn: Smirnoff

Potato: Chopin, Teton Glacier, Monopolowa, Vikingford, Luksosowa, Blue Ice

Grape: Ciroc, Bombora



GLUTEN-FREE: ‘Safe’ to Consume 

Bacardi 151, Bacardi 8, Bacardi Flavored Rums, Bacardi Gold, Bacardi Select, Bacardi Superior

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Malibu Rum



GLUTEN-FREE: ‘Safe’ to Consume

Jose Cuervo

Margarita Minis (Jose Cuervo)

Authentic Cuervo Margaritas (Jose Cuervo)



GLUTEN-FREE: ‘Safe’ to Consume

Makers Mark


Others Beverages: 

Champagne, Sparkling Wine and all wines, including port wines and sherry, are safe for celiacs.


Cheers! ~Priscilla

P.S. Many assert that the gluten protein is destroyed during the fermentation process, but I follow strict gluten-free rules with everything, even alcohol. Much about the disease as well as the effects of gluten are still unknown, so I will continue playing it safe.


  1. For what it’s worth, our fruit wines ‘should’ be both gluten free and vegan friendly, since we use fruit, sugar, water, and yeast.  We use bentonite to clear our wines.
    That said, you have to live in Canada to buy our wine. ;-)

  2. Not all wines are gluten free. Many wineries use a wheat paste to help seal the barrels. Also, there are so many wines, especially white, that are not vegan.

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