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Scrabbled Affection for Father’s Day


Father’s Day was here again, and I was put to the test yet again. Greg is a man who wants nothing. Literally, he doesn’t want us to buy him a single thing, and when we do, he returns it more times than not, so the girls and I were left to our own creativity. Here’s what we came up with:

A Scrabble Painting for his office!

Since I already had one scrabble game, two blank canvases and tons of eco-friendly, gluten-free acrylic paints to choose from, all we needed was an extra scrabble game to fill our large canvas with all the adjectives we needed to describe our daddy, Greg.

“My Favorite Eco-Friendly Acrylic Paint is Gluten Free – Let’s Celebrate!!”

About a month and a half ago, I decided what we were going to make for Father’s Day, and I was sure I would find countless gently-used Scrabble games while yard sale-ing between then and Father’s Day. I was wrong!

This past Friday, after we returned from yard sale-ing empty handed yet again, Ainsley called Greg all upset because she couldn’t part with our personal Scrabble game. She wanted “to keep the letters.” Great! Not only could I not find an extra Scrabble game, my 4-year-old daughter was also refusing to hand over the only Scrabble game we had while calling her father and complaining to him while I was in another room.
Regardless of the Scrabble letter debacle, we forged ahead. I set up both easels, canvases, paints, etc. under our wisteria tree in the back yard.
Both Ainsley and Sydney enjoyed a relaxing afternoon while painting their daddy a masterpiece. They chose their own colors while keeping in mind that the paintings should compliment the color scheme of Greg’s office (Ainsley came close from start to finish).
Ainsley is keeping in neutral and earthy, just like her daddy’s office.
Syd on the other hand, started with blue and then covered
it up with her favorites, pink and purple.

With the paintings completed, I still needed letters. I had one day of yard sale shopping ahead of me, and if I was unsuccessful, I accepted the fact that I would go shopping and buy a new game or two. Nevertheless, while yard sale-ing on Saturday, I gave it all I had. I asked each and every family at every yard sale if they had a Scrabble game to sell. All I kept hearing was, “No, I’m sorry. I don’t.” {sigh}

I remained empty handed until I reached the second to last yard sale, and then there it was – it was waiting for me! On the day before Father’s Day, I found a second Scrabble game for one dollar. Not only was I elated that I found another game, I was also beside myself when I discovered that Ainsley came to terms with Greg’s gift and accepted the fact that we would be using the Scrabble letters from our personal Scrabble game. Everything was falling into place and I was one happy Mama!
The painting on the bottom left is Syd’s Father’s Day creation.

Greg’s gift was completed and he loved it. Everything worked out and we were left to enjoy our day together starting with a morning on the beach.

My heart smiles when I look at this picture.
I love her and her healthy eating habits =)
He has her heart, and her his.
Fun in the sand.
I’m enjoying Father’s Day too.
A free spirit.
My Jackie O
Ainsley taking flight…
Syd doesn’t like the sand or ocean, so she sat under
the umbrella eating her favorite Udi’s granola.

Father’s Day was a huge success. I enjoyed the Scrabble game hunt and was elated when I found it at the end of my search. Painting under the tree is now a new favorite at our house, and my girls learned that it is better to give than to keep something for our own personal enjoyment. The three of us had so much fun mapping out the adjectives that describe Greg, hot gluing the letters to the canvas, and most importantly, revealing our hard work and abundance of love to Greg on Father’s Day morning.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out there!! and Happy Father’s Day to our favorite daddy, Greg! We love you!
Much Love!
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