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TOMS: One for One


By Guest Blogger on April 13, 2011
TOMS: One for One

By Lauren Pack
TOMS: One for One.  You can count me in!
What a concept! You buy a pair of stylish, unique, comfortable shoes, and in return, a child in need receives a pair too. Not only do kids pick up diseases and get cuts that lead to infection from being barefoot, they are also unable to attend school if they are not wearing shoes. 

Every pair of shoes counts and knowing this makes me want to buy a pair for every friend and family member for every occasion. I will give a pair of TOMS shoes to those for their birthday, Christmas, Flag Day and every other holiday for that matter. 

I bought my first pair of corduroy TOMS back in the fall, and I am itching to buy my next pair! This time around I have my eye on a pair of Passport Lilac Women’s Vegan Classics. Perfect for spring and summer! 

When you find your perfect pair or two of TOMS shoes, don’t wait to buy them because the sizes sell out quickly (especially size 8 – I better order my Passport Lilac Classics ASAP)!
Check out the site to see all that TOMS has to offer! They even sell boots!  www.toms.com
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  1. This is so awesome.. I have a pair of Toms and I love them and I love the concept.
    I also did the day without shoes. I work for Zappos, and we all went without shoes for the day and it was pretty crazy. (I cheated and wore my flip flops in the bathroom, which was a big eye opener for me) It is crazy what we take for granted.
    Great post! :]

  2. I am waiting for my first pair of TOMS to arrive. I’m so excited! I love this company and the their concept too!
    You are absolutely right! It is crazy what we take for granted! I would have worn my flip flops in the bathroom too as my heart would have begun to ache for all those children (and adults) that don’t have a bathroom, let alone a pair of shoes.
    I will be celebrating a day without shoes with you next year :]
    Best! Priscilla

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